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Natalie Cas tillo

Travel  Alaska


Art Direction - Natalie Castillo

Art Direction/Copywriting - Brooke Betik


SMU Portfolio Night 2022 - Best Integrated


Escape the noises of the city and find

the sounds of Alaska. With our Spotify

podcast, you will be convinced to take

the next flight to Alaska.

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In a society obsessed with city life and theme park destinations, how do we get people to come to Alaska for their next vacation? Bring the peacefulness of our state to the hustle and bustle of the cities, reminding them in the business of their days of the new perspectives available to them here - no passport necessary. 

"Northern Calling" is a podcast designed to provide an escape from the noise, collecting the sounds from a place known for having nearly none. Capturing the essence of some of our favorite parts of the last Frontier, we hope you see these little slices of Alaska's signature sounds as a gift of relaxation, a sweet souvenir for those of you in the Lower 48.

These vignettes of our great state's diverse attractions are meant to keep listeners satisfied until they answer the call and actually make the great escape Up North.

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